Dr. Sanjeev Goel

Canada's BIOHACKING doctor to the celebrities, professional athletes and stars, Dr. Goel's personal mission is to transform the lives of billions on our planet for the better.

ABOUT Dr. Sanjeev Goel

Passion .. Purpose .. Integrity .. Mindfulness

Dr. Sanjeev Goel is the lead physician at Kennedy Medical Centre (KMC) for past 20+ years in Brampton as well founder of PEAK HUMAN an anti-aging and regenerative medicine practice. He was the founder of Spark medical cannabis clinics - (acquired in 2019).

Dr. Goel believes that we should all have access to the best medical and health technologies available. Prior to Peak Human, he developed the largest patient health portal in Canada called midash (www.midash.ca) and hosted the first ever SPARK Biohacker Summit in Toronto (Oct 2018) bringing culture, technology and health together.

He is passionate about a holistic approach to wellness and has done training in Anti-Aging, Integrative and Regenerative Medicine. He advocates a healthy lifestyle centred around a plant based diet, focused physical activity and enhancing mental resilience.

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